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About us

„Tomaszówka” is a guesthouse located in the village of Sarbinowo, 7 km west from Mielno, halfway between Koszalin and Kolobrzeg. Sarbinowo is a holiday resort on the Slowinskie Coast. Double and triple rooms with bathrooms and TVs await our guests. The facility is located very close to the beach, only 300 m from water.
You can stroll down the wide beach to the neighbouring Gąski and Chłopy. The more tenacious walkers will also find here a brilliant spot for more distant routes. Tomaszówka is located in a peaceful area and thus is great for a holiday with your kids and family, as well as for seniors. In the direct vicinity of Tomaszówka there is a rehabilitation center, where you can enroll for treatments and/or purchase full or partial board.


Sarbinowo :- a church erected in 1856 with a tall octagonal tower (stained glass windows and Stations of the Cross on the walls, painted by Jerzy Nowosielski)
– historical cottage from 1804 with half-timbered oak construction and a thatched roof; it is an example of a fishermana’s cottage called high-front
Gaski: a lighthouse
Dobrzyca: a themed garden
Kolobrzeg: sea cruises (including the Bornholm island), the pier, the sea front, the Old Town, the rope park, the railway station
Koszalin: a cinema, shopping malls, the railway station
Chłopy: fishing boats, the beach
Mielno: the beach, the walkway, the promenade, stores, night life
Las Grzybnicki: stone circles in the forest near Koszalin
Jamno lake: a forest, bike routes


Doubtlessly, the best means of transportation in the area is your own legs or a bike. Yet, longer distances can be travelled by car or using the well developed network of small buses.


Bike: There are two bike routes in the nearest vicinity (Mielno-Koszalin 14 km) and the seaside route leading along the Baltic Coast. It is a part of an international bike route, which features numerous historical and natural monuments such as: the lighthouse in Gaski built in the years 1876-1877, open for tourists, the Gothic Revival Church from the 19th century in Sarbinowo, with an octagonal tower, the Chlopy settlement with its unique architecture involving half-timbered construction, and fishing boats on the beach.

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